Writing was my first love and has proved to be my greatest skill. Below you will find short samples of my writing from various formats and in varying styles. Due to the sensitive nature of some documents, there are many fine works that will require a private request i.e. feature length screenplays and business plans.


Technical Writing

A General Guide To Stitching

Written at a time when 360-degree video was evolving from a gimmick for websites into a storytelling tool, this guide walks you through the entire post-production process for creating 360-degree videos. As it was written in 2013, the process has changed somewhat, but at the time, this was one of the few definitive guides. It was produced for DEEP Inc. and used in the development of “The Polar Sea,” a 360-degree documentary experience.


Research-Heavy Creative Work

The Great Unveiling – Essay

This essay examines the French government’s ban on the veil in the context of French secularism.


The Better Angel of the Revolution – Podcast Script

Part biography, part audioplay, this podcast dramatizes the last days of a woman who sought to end the bloody reign of terror that had hijacked the French Revolution.


Heritage Minutes – Proposal Package

Written and prepared by myself and Kisholay Ray for the Heritage Minutes film program. The package outlines several ideas for short, Canadian propaganda films. This was produced in conjunction with the Surround Integrated Marketing team.


Short Film Script

Hanson – Short Screenplay

A manly and old-school reporter uncovers the shocking stories of Toronto through less than ethical means.

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