Why Be A Renaissance Man?

What is a Renaissance Man? I would say that a Renaissance Man is one dedicated to the lifelong pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement. My oath is to always pursue new knowledge and means of creative expression. But it’s not enough to just know a lot of things, one must acquire knowledge in pursuit of new discoveries, and it is not enough to parrot the creativity of others. So, with that paradigm in mind, I hope you understand what it is I’m trying to do here, and why it’s so important that I do it.

2 thoughts on “Why Be A Renaissance Man?

  1. Am very much enjoying your podcasts. Thanks very much for taking the time to do them. Unfortunately, I can’t leave a review on iTunes as they now insist on my signing in and I can’t remember the details and, of course, they won’t let me set up a new account as “that email account is already taken”! So this comment will have to do, I’m afraid. Please keep up the good work.

    1. Hey Virginia,

      I greatly appreciate the effort and of course your support. I’m working hard to get the next episode out. It’s been nothing but Mongols and angry Rus for weeks now.

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